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PIXE Streaker
Circular Streaker
Note: Streakers are currently unavailable pending a new production run.
Quartz timing, 12VDC < 0.2W switch selected discrete samples from 1 sec thu 99 hours or continuous sampling.
Part number - S2P
Price: $4,950.00    Qty.

Streaker Expendables and Accessories
Sample Frame with 0.4Ám Nuclepore*
Part number - SF-1N4
Price: $35.00    Qty.
Sample Frame with 8.0Ám Nuclepore - For fine fraction sampling
Part number - SF-1N8
Price: $35.00    Qty.
Sample Frame with coated Kapton
Part number - SF-1K
Price: $35.00    Qty.
Sample Frame
Part number - SF-1
Price: $8.00    Qty.
Frame Loader - Holds SF-1N4 and SF-1K for ease in loading
Part number - FL-1
Price: $140.00    Qty.

*Trace elements may be present on Nuclepore fitler material due to the manufacturing process. We strive to provide clean material, but cannot guaranty suitability for a particular use.

PIXE Impactors
Cascade Impactor - 7 stages with afterfilter
Part number - I-1
Price: $1,280.00    Qty.
Cascade Impactor - 9 stages with afterfilter
Part number - I-1L
Price: $1,600.00    Qty.

Impactor Expendables and Accessories
Prepared Ring with coated Kapton
Part number - PR-1K
Price: $1.20    Qty.
Prepared Ring with Nuclepore
Part number - PR-1N
Price: $1.20    Qty.
Sample Holding Ring - package of 100
Part number - R-1
Price: $30.00    Qty.
Base Only
Part number - B-1
Price: $85.00    Qty.
Weather Cover Tube for 7 stage Impactor
Part number - W-17
Price: $45.00    Qty.
Weather Cover Tube for 9 stage Impactor
Part number - W-19
Price: $45.00    Qty.
Tripod (discontinued)
Part number - T-1
Holder (discontinued) - housing ten sample holding rings
Part number - H-1
Ring Supports -
Part number - RS-1
Pkg. of 10/$10.00    Qty.
Slide Mount - press fit to mount R-1 samples in 2"x2" slides
Part number - M-1
Pkg. of 10/ $10.00    Qty.

PIXE Impactor Parts
Impactor After Filter (<0.06Ám)
Part number - IS-AF
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage L1 (>0.06Ám)
Part number - IS-L1
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage L2 (>0.12Ám)
Part number - IS-L2
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage 1 (>0.25Ám)
Part number - IS-1
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage 2 (>0.5Ám)
Part number - IS-2
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage 3 (>1Ám)
Part number - IS-3
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage 4 (>2Ám)
Part number - IS-4
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage 5 (>4Ám)
Part number - IS-5
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage 6 (>8Ám)
Part number - IS-6
Price: $160.00    Qty.
Impactor Stage 7 (>16Ám)
Part number - IS-7
Price: $160.00    Qty.

PIXE Accessories
Flowmeter - Variable area type - 5" scale, 0.3-2.21/m
Part number - FM-5
Price: $85.00    Qty.
Adapter - Vacuum hose to input
Part number - A-1
Price: $45.00    Qty.
Insert - to read vacuum between stages
Part number - V-1
Price: $45.00    Qty.

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