Pixe International Corporation
pronounced (pixee)
Serving the needs of industry and researchers since 1978.
PIXE International manufactures and sells precision air particulate samplers. Products include time-sequenced air-particulate samplers and area impactors.

Our products:

PIXE Streakers - a time-sequenced air-particulate sampler designed to produce one or two aerosol size fractions (PM2.5 and PM10) especially suited for ion beam, SEM and light absorption analyses. Ruggedly constructed and simple to operate. Switch settings select discrete sampling times from 1 second through 99 hours with total sampling times from minutes to weeks, months or even longer. The Streaker model S2P has quartz timing for accuracy and low power consumption for field use. View details

Note: Streakers are currently unavailable pending a new production run.

PIXE Cascade Impactors - air particulate, single orifice cascade impactor samplers are designed for ambient air sampling with particulate-size discrimination. Aerosol fractions are separated in up to nine stages ranging from 16 to 0.06 micrometer aerodynamic cut-off diameter plus afterfilter. Impactors are molded of electrically-conductive high-quality plastic.
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Accessories also available.

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